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Curry Night 2010

September 30, 2010

Anxious to meet back up with JUSA members after Fall Break? Want some great food as a bonus?

Then come out to
Curry Night 2010!!
on October 16
at 7PM
at 202 College Ave!

Curry? Wait a sec….I thought curry is Indian…Why is JUSA serving it?
To most Americans, yes, India is the country that is most well-known to have curry as a part of its cuisine. In fact, curry was introduced to Japan by the British who were importing it from India. However, the Japanese added their own twist to this popular Indian dish.

Japanese curry typically consists of rice served with curry sauce served on top. Varieties of Japanese curry include katsu karē (カツカレー) (with pork cutlet), dorai karē (ドライカレー) (with mince meat sauce), and maze karē (混ぜカレー) (curry rice with sauce and rice already mixed).

Curry (カレー), Japanese style

Great! What do I have to do to take part in this?
All you have to do is pay our treasurer Alex Yu $5 once you arrive at Leo’s home (same address as above), and you’re on your way to a good time with great food and even greater friends!

I think I might get lost. I also have a few questions I want to ask before coming to this event…
You can easily find 202 College Ave. using Google Maps. As for other questions, be sure to drop our Social Chair Menu Grullon an e-mail at

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